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Our Minutes Takers are highly-skilled writers and communications experts.

We’ve documented countless meetings and discussions with Audit Committees, Boards, Lawyers, Engineers and Court=Appointed Administrators.

We do not use transcription apps.

You need accurate minutes that make sense to Owners, Auditors, and prospective buyers.

We truly understand your meeting!

Condo Consulting

Board Members and Condo Owners ultimately share a  common goal.  I am committed to helping you create harmony, transparency and understanding for your Condo Corporation. I was a fully-immersed Condo Board Director for 10 consecutive years.  I was Board President and a Shared Committee Member for 8 ½ of those years.   Being a Board Member and condo owner gave me a broader perspective of this unique type of property ownership and helped me understand what makes condo living great for some … and why it might not be the best fit for others.  

As a Consultant I regularly help owners and investors gain a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities.   As a 10-Year Board Member I helped see my condo corporation through budget meetings, AGMs, renovations, Reserve Fund studies, tendering contracts, interviewing new Property Managers and so much more. Trust  me to help guide your community through the turnover process, the next increase in fees, a successful town hall meeting  and beyond!


Directors sometimes need directions.

Being a Condo Board Director is a lot like having a second job. You do it because you want the best for your community and for your investment.  We’ve all heard prospective Board candidates run on the promise of never raising condo fees! Some Owners get caught up in this fantasy and vote them in. Reality comes later when they realize how much time is required, what it costs to run things and that inflation is real.  Board Members put in a lot of hours and may forget to provide regular updates on projects and maintenance.   Owners want to hear from you — and when they don’t, their frustration can result in a dreaded Owner-Requisitioned meeting.    

Effective communication is an important part of any relationship or decision-making group.  Directors with the best intentions can have unproductive meetings.  You don’t have to be unanimous when voting but it’s good when you’re not arguing throughout your Board Meetings.  Clarity in your board’s directions for Management is a must. Confusing action items make it difficult for Management to work efficiently and effectively.  

Let’s move those ‘Items in Progress’ to the ‘Items Completed’ list.





Highest Standards

Quick Turnaround


Vivianne Collins

TV Host. Word Architect.  Literacy Volunteer.

Condo Consultant. Moderator. Chairperson.

The school library was one of my favourite places.    Mrs. Lamrock was our primary school librarian and she made it feel like home.   I still remember her and that magical place filled with words and adventures!  Books were always  a source of comfort and creativity, then and now.  I’ve been actively involved in various children’s literacy programs for more than 15 years.  A favourite past project was with BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) where we helped children write and publish a copy of their very own story book!  We’re in a time when children (and grownups) are at a serious deficit in their communication and social skills.   Many kids and adults who needed literacy help from early on, are able to somehow ‘get by’ with auto-correct and dictation apps.  Many who are less fortunate have no tools at all.  I always aim to help in areas where I’m able, and I do so regularly in schools.   What about those outside of institutional learning who struggle in regular life? 

If you know of an adult in need of literacy skills assistance, please help them contact me. It will be my honour to offer free and confidential tutoring in a non-judgemental environment.   

In the library, on stage and on TV. 

I’ve been a TV host, actor, dancer and event leader for more than 20 years.  Connection, mind-body wellness and community are the foundation on which I stand.  I’ve worked in live TV and theatre, so as a Moderator or Chairperson, I can handle the most ‘lively’ crowd.  (I’m also well-versed in condo governance and the ‘Rules of Order’.)

Our words represent us. 

Our words matter. 

May our words always be true.






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